About Repromed

Repromed Diagnostic (P) Limited was instituted almost three decades back to provide diagnostic laboratory facilities of international standard in the eastern part of our country.

Repromed Diagnostic (P) Limited was instituted almost three decades back to provide diagnostic laboratory facilities of international standard in the eastern part of our country.  By now the laboratory has achieved a distinct distinction in that respect. However, most rewarding of all is the recognition of the effect of our laboratory diagnosis on patient care. An appreciation for this impact carries with it a profound sense of obligation that prompts us to emphasize the importance of “getting it right.” The face of the discipline of clinical medicine has been changing dramatically. Continued research effort has been credited with new insights into the process of disease development and isolation of newer pathological markers on one hand and innovation of novel diagnostic tools with full automation on the other. This accelerated pace of change is challenging to cope with, particularly in a developing country like ours. However, it has been our persistent endeavour to make available all the globally appraised state-of-the-art technologies at your doorstep to provide extended power for diagnosis. As a part of that endeavour, we have expanded our laboratory set-up in an ultramodern orientation. We believe, we have so far stayed true to our objective, and constant patronage from the doctors and patients would help us dedicate our continued effort for further improvement of patient care.


Broaden the spectrum of diagnostic laboratory services while implementing state-of-the-art technologies and setting a new benchmark for quality standards that would shape the future of the art of diagnosis. Seek innovative ways to enhance patient care empowering health and impacting lives, and become the role model in supporting high-quality health care by offering cost-effective and innovative laboratory services. Encourage the highest level of competence, accountability, and technical excellence in the provision of diagnostic laboratory services.


To be the best at what we commit for continuous improvement of laboratory services in a manner that reflects a total commitment to today’s most exacting standards.

To provide every patient with reliable and timely services of uncompromising quality for the benefits surpassing their expectations.

To dedicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence and become an acclaimed leader and voice for diagnostic laboratory services in the regional healthcare system.

Dr. Syed N Kabir

Dr. Syed N Kabir is an eminent Reproductive Biologist. Before joining Repromed Diagnostic Private Limited, Dr. Kabir served CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology under the aegis of Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India as a Chief Scientist. His domain of research encompasses broad areas of female infertility and contraception. A significant part of his research involves the development of replicas of human gynecological problems in animal models and exploring the fundamental pathophysiology of the concerned diseases. He has made a significant contribution to the understanding of the basic tenets of endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, and metabolic aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome. He was also instrumental in developing and optimizing the stimulation protocols for assisted reproductive techniques in the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Kolkata. His contribution in this direction earned him the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology award in Reproductive Endocrinology in 2007. Dr. Kabir served as Chairman of the Consortium Advisory Committee of ICAR and Member of the Domain Expert Group of CSIR and ICMR engaged in implementing and monitoring different research proposals on Reproductive Health. Dr. Kabir also served as a Member of the Editorial Board of “Macrophage” and “Proceedings of the Zoological Society of India.”

Prof. Siddhartha Roy

Prof. Siddhartha Roy obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware and did his post-doctoral training at Brandeis University and National Institutes of Health. In 2004, he became the Director of CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (2004-2014). In parallel, he founded NIPER-Kolkata (an institute of National Importance created by an act of Parliament) in 2007 and held the additional charge of the institute as the founding Director-in-charge (2007-2014). He was also a Visiting Scientist, NIH, USA and a Visiting Professor, Osaka University, Japan. He was the Founder-President of the Chemical Biology Society (India), a member of the Asian Chemical Biology Initiative (Japan) and a member of the Governing Board of Directors of International Chemical Biology Society.

He made important scientific contributions in gene regulation, drug discovery and analytical techniques. He received many honors, including Bhatnagar Prize, JC Bose National Fellowship, Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K., Fellowships of two premier National Science Academies in India, FNA and FASc. and Fellowship of the The World Academy of Sciences (Trieste), FTWAS. He was a recipient of Meritorious service award from the Department of Health and Human Services, USA, IUBMB Woods-Whelan Fellowship, and Human Frontier Sciences Fellowship. He has served in the editorial boards of many international journals including Molecular Pharmacology and ACS Chemical Biology.

Dr. Baidyanath Chakravarty, M.O. FRCOG, DSc

Dr. Baidyanath Chakravarty, M.O. FRCOG, DSc is an eminent Indian obstetrician and gynecologist. He graduated (MBBS) from Bengal Medical College, Calcutta (now known as Calcutta Medical College) in 1952 and passed the Master of Obstetrics examination of Calcutta University in 1959. He bagged many Gold medals and prizes for his outstanding performance in medical studies. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) awarded him its membership (MRCOG) in 1963 and elected him a fellow (FRCOG) in 1977. In 1990, he was awarded an honorary D.Sc. from the North Bengal University, India. He has been felicitated with honorary membership of the International Federation of Fertility Society at its conference held in New Delhi in 2016. 

Dr. Chakravarty is an eminent teacher, and in appreciation, he has been awarded with the Coates Gold Medal by Calcutta University (1985), Mother Teresa Millennium Award (2006), Eminent Teacher Award (2006), Barclay Medal (2006), and Honorary Fellowship of Asiatic Society (2015).

Dr. Chakravarty played a leading role in shaping the infertility management and reproductive health program in India to its present form. He served as the Chairman of the ICMR Committee for Formulation of National Guidelines for Regulation, Supervision, and Accreditation of ART Centers in India, and as the Convener of Post-doctoral Fellowship Course in Reproductive Medicine under National Board, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

In 1986, Dr. Chakravarty founded the Institute of Reproductive Medicine (IRM) in Kolkata as a place to advance his research work and train new specialists. The only wish he cherishes to dream is that IRM flourishes with innovative research activities in reproductive medicine and fertility management outside the ambit of business.